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Video: Showtime Leek: "SmokePack"

Born and raised in Virginia, Showtime Leek cut his teeth in Richmond’s East End, aspiring to have a a career in the music business.

He was inspired by artists such as Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug and Chief Keef. Formerly known as Sideshow Leek, he ended up cutting his trademark hairstyle and rebranded himself as Showtime Leek. “Showtime is just my personality, everything I do I want to be bigger than life," says Showtime.

Leek spent the majority of the pandemic locked in the studio, creating a body of projects that will be released in 2021. He is a member of FlyWorld Family, an entertainment conglomerate out of Richmond, Virginia, specializing in music and film. He released singles and EPs in 2020, his favorites being “AJAX”, “THE ONE EP” & “P.H.E.W.,” all available on the major streaming platforms.

Showtime doesn’t put himself in a box when it comes to genres. “My music is real. Point blank.” Look for more from Showtime Leek and his right hand producer Dj Gringo in the coming months.Watch Showtime Leek's new video for the single "SmokePack" and stream his music to get in tune with his movement.

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