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Vous Takes Us to the Stars with New Single, "Bellatrix"

Los Angeles artist and MSQ Blue Series alum, Vous, has delivered an intergalactic banger to your streaming device in the form of "Bellatrix." The South Central rapper/singer/songwriter hits his signature melodic flow and takes us on a journey of space-themed wordplay, flexing, and infectious harmonies on this one. In this age of auto-tune, sing-song raps are pretty much the norm-- but there's something different about Vous. For one, he actually can sing and knows what he's doing structuring songs. He also has a unique delivery that is both soulful and detached at the same time. It's always a journey I'm happy to be on. I recommend streaming/saving "Bellatrix" and being on the lookout for all Vous releases past and future. Follow on social media to stay in tune with his movement.

Post By: @itskirbs804

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