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Watch Redlawn Risha's Mind-Melding Video For "Sycamore"

Richmond, VA artist Redlawn Risha has released the music video for his single Sycamore. The song is a hazy, word-slurring vapor trap banger with synths that feel like they were pulled out of a fever dream. The video is directed, shot, and edited by VA visual artist Flank Water, who also goes under the musical moniker Kimkilwhan.

The video uses mirror screen splits, night vision, and B&W color schemes to create a trippy and ever-changing look that perfectly complements the shadowy soundscape of the song itself. It's one of those effect-driven visuals that defies description, so the only true way to understand it is to watch it for yourself.

Notable Lines:

"Disguise myself, wrap my head in Dior, remember my days on Sycamore."

"I don't want they smiles if it's fake, I don't want applause it's too late."

Be sure to follow Redlawn Risha on IG here and Flank Water on IG here.

Stream Redlawn Risha's music here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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