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We're "Falling!" For Alexander Macks New Song

Updated: Oct 9

Alexander Mack is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is based in Virginia. His Jazz style mixed with rap embodies the old-school style with the sounds he produces. His ability to put these sounds together into every song he writes, makes the audience want to groove and feed into that nice-soulful, smooth music. With about 55,000 monthly listeners across Spotify, there is no doubt that Alexander will continue to ascend as an artist due to his production, lyricism, and talent.

Earlier this month Alexander came out with a song called Falling!: featuring artist Soren Bryce, who does the vocals in the chorus, and co-produced by Wowflower, who is also known as Kyle Torr-Brown. This song was written by Alexander when he was going through a tough time in 2020 and lost some of his most important relationships during his break. Despite facing these challenges, they inspired Alexander to produce and write music again, while also learning to appreciate the people who stuck by him throughout his whole journey. In his own words, "This song is for anyone who is doubting your worth, your journey, and your ability to work through the changes. I hope you always understand that better times are on the other side of the pain you're going through right now".

Keep on reading to learn more about the song and how he captures his message!

One of the great aspects of this song is Alexander's ability to capture his emotions in his voice. When he questions in the beginning why he doesn't feel enough or why some only stay if he is making money and music, the listeners can sense his pain, relating to his experiences more. Music is not only a way to escape for a lot of people, but it's also a way to feel more in tune with what you're going through and how to process these experiences. Towards the mid-point of the song, Alexander starts to believe in himself more. He figures out that he started this journey caring about others' opinions, but in the end, he is the one pursuing his dream and has to deal with the changes that go with it.

Falling! deserves all the recognition and it's a great anthem for anyone who needs that encouragement to get back on their feet. Between Macks's lyricism and the chill beat, it perfectly encaptures the process of feeling like you are at the bottom of the pit to figuring out that everything will be alright, even if people try to tear you down.




Written by Kaitlyn Ley, @KaitlynnLeyy on IG

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