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Why Fluffy The Alchemist Needs To Be On Your Radar

Richmond producer-rapper Fluffy The Alchemist has been on a hot streak recently. Whether you heard his most recent album Lost & Found, saw his visceral music video for 500 Degrees that dropped on Valentine's Day, or even just checked out his most recent lovelorn track, Honeycomb that debuted two weeks ago, he has showcased his creative visions and flexed his versatility.

Firstly, the 500 Degrees video has insane production value. This 2:59 work is a wordless, bloody narrative, with only the song informing us of what it is about. Themes of codependence and toxic romance come to mind, and the end result is a video that sticks in your mind long after you are finished watching, with intense visuals that perfectly contrast the lyrics (freezing to death in a song called 500 Degrees).

Fluffy's latest song, Honeycomb, is a soothing ballad with the kind of nocturnal ambience and sultry singing that one might find in Toronto's thriving music scene. The hook is catchy, the beat is dark and woozy, making for a perfect song for late night drives or even just something to recommend to that special someone to give them a hint. Fluffy's high output is a testament to hard work and raw skill coming together all within a few months, and it's about time you gave him a listen before everyone does.

Follow Fluffy The Alchemist on IG here.

Stream Honeycomb, Lost & Found, and the 500 Degrees music video here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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