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Why indie artists need to be at The Collective's NFT event

The Collective has been in the midst of a lot of creative endeavors in Richmond VA over the last year. Now, they plan to take you into the future with their course for beginners in the NFT + Crypto field. Every last Monday they will hold workshops to teach others how to navigate this new area in tech.

Why is the important for indie artists?

Cryptocurrency is growing everyday. In a world that's moving closer and closer to a virtual reality (literally and figuratively) we plan to be ahead of the curve. Artists like Money Man who recently took his whole record deal advance ($1 million) in Bitcoin, Meek Mill releasing his next mixtape cover as a NFT, high end sports stars like Odell Beckham, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have taken part of their contracts in bitcoin and even legendary sports Arena in LA Staples Center will be renamed Arena.

Now is the time for indie artists to not only learn about these new trends but find purposeful use for them. This tech is still very early in its process, so there is still so much room for growth and adaptation.

Written by OG ILLA (@HLGNLIFE)

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