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WiFiGawd & Soudiere Hit Payday On New Collab, "First of the Month"

D.C. native emcee WiFiGawd and producer Soudiere have released a new collaborative single, First of the Month. The song is a laid back ode to that feeling when the payday check hits and anything is possible. WiFiGawd brings a classic DMV flow to a woozy Soudiere piano beat with gentle synths that truly give the song its own personality. Purple Posse's fusions of different eras and areas of hip-hop continues, the song itself sounds eerily both timely and timeless, the essence of Soudiere's familiar sound, phonk.

Standout lines:

"I gotta wake up get what's mine...and my jeans say Number (N)ine"

"Purple Posse we stay with the phonk."

"Just like Giannis I stay with the bucks."

Listen to First of the Month" here.

Follow WiFiGawd on all social media @wifigawd, Follow Soudiere on IG @soudiere777, and on Twitter @youngpirelli.

Follow the collective Purple Posse on Instagram and on Twitter

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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