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Witness The Grand Opening of CNTR (A Creative Space)

It's a commonly overlooked fact that our daily lives are the net sum of yesterday's ideas. Take a look around. Much of what life consists of started as ideas, including the food we eat, the words we use to communicate, the clothes we wear, and even the medicines that save lives.

Combining this very spirit of imagination with intention and hard work, the good folks at theMSQShop have birthed their greatest idea yet, CNTR (A Creative Space). Located in the heart of Richmond's Art District, CNTR is a home for businesses and creatives of all sorts. This multifaceted facility serves as a space for live events, photo/video production, workshops, conferences, and even an art gallery (curated by OG Illa, The Hemp Center Dispensary, and The Lab pop-up storefront).

On Friday, November 4, 2022, CNTR will open its doors for its grand opening and First Friday event. All are welcome to experience live music, networking, art exhibition, and vendor pop-ups. Oh, did we mention that admission is free? You can register for our free event HERE.

In addition to performances by Rudy Walker, Era Hardaway, MachineMook, OG Souul, illwilliam, and Hannah Grace, First Friday will feature art by ErvEyes, JAE, Paris, and Khaos Ky.

As the home of theMSQshop, the CNTR will serve as a serendipitous space for creatives of all sorts to thrive. Come cultivate your ideas today so that they may shape the world tomorrow. Stay up to date on the CNTR at @mycntr on Instagram and check out the memberships and booking information for the CNTR.

Written by Geronimo (Instagram/Twitter)

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