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Xavi displays their world in "Al Cien"

Xavi, who goes by his stage name Violet Paniko, is living out his childhood dream as a queer Latin artist. The Southern California native comes from a musically inclined family but was not able to pursue their dreams as a child due to their extreme religious beliefs.

Leaving their life as a Jehovah's Witness was one of the hardest things Paniko had to do, but it was an eye opening experience that led them to therapy, new friends, and other family members who accepted him for who he is. Paniko hopes to contribute to the Latin Trap community by being his unique and authentic self.

The song “Al Cien” tells the story of a person hurt by family, friends, and community that abandoned them for being who they are. The lyrics hint at the homophobia that exists within the Latin community and how Christian beliefs are often at the core of this trauma. Paniko ends the song triumphantly by declaring “they tried taking everything away from me, but they couldn’t.”

“Al Cien” is an empowering message that seeks to shed light on the homophobia and discrimination faced by members of the Latin community. The release is a powerful example of strength and resilience, and it serves as a powerful reminder that love conquers all.

Written by OG ILLA

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