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Yabe's "Modern Medusa" Is Out Now On All Streaming Platforms!

Yabe is a 23 year old, Filipino musician from the 757! Yabe is an extremely skilled artist in various departments: vocals, harmonies, song writing, mixing, cover art, music production, etc. At this point, he is single handedly creating all of his music by himself!

Yabe never fails to amaze listeners, and he is back at it again with his recent single Modern Medusa (feat. Horace). He created all aspects of this song by himself, including the cover art shown above. Modern Medusa is a bedroom pop classic, but there are hints of r&b and vintage pop in it as well. The vibe is upbeat, and it will definitely make you want to get up out of your seat and dance.

In Modern Medusa, Yabe sings about falling deeply in love with an individual who is so seducing that she is compared to Medusa. The song starts off with dreamy harmonies to set the mood. As the intro plays out and the bass comes in, that's when the party really starts. He actually pays homage to greek mythology quite often in his music. On this specific track, the chorus wittingly ends with "you can hold me, freeze me, maybe then I might call you my Modern Medusa."

Yabe is undoubtedly a talented indie musician who is constantly testing his limits. If you're looking for the perfect mix between bedroom pop and r&b, then you've stumbled upon the right artist!


Stream more of Yabe's music HERE!


Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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