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You Made It A Hot Line, OG ILLA Made It The Virginia Anthem

OG ILLA is not new to this. He has earned his title. With songs like Kareem, Water Bill, Silver Coupe, it is obvious that this guy can make a hit song. He's developed a different sense of himself over the last few years. He seems happier. More confident. More aware but overall more relaxed. Which has made his moves more clear because he has been executing them with precision.

His latest single Dribble Down In VA is one that will live in VA history. OG grabs Andrew Hypes who gives us a bop over with Jay-Z's IZZO sample rocking in the hook. In the first verse, OG flips legendary hip-hop lines with a Virginia twist including a famous Clipse line to open the song.

Second verse, OG spends more detail on the Virginia legends like Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Pharrell, Allen Iverson, and more. The whole song is a tribute to Virginia creatives, artists, and athletes. You can honestly see who has inspired OG's youth and who is currently making waves on the scene. There are many faces seen in the video that pushes the Virginia indie music scene. It's a long list that includes Sneeze, Lovelace Magazine, Flowz, Luh Kiddo, Blake G, Peter $un, Fly Anakin, Black Liq, Radio B, Jay Guevara, WhyNotDuece, The Spot, HoodxBuddha, Traphouse Koda, Mike Street, Lowe Maceo, T.R.I.G., The Rap-Unzel, The Smoking Session Podcast, ConFromThe703, Supe Dupe, Smyth Knight, FNF Chop and Intalek.

It's an energetic behind-the-scenes look at OG ILLA's experience as an artist, creative director, and content creator who has pledged himself to "documenting indie hip hop".


Song Name: Dribble Down In VA

Written/Performed by: OG ILLA

Produced by: Andrew Hypes

Recorded by: TheMSQShop

Mixed by Jappo/Michael Millions

Mastered by Michael Millions

Video produced, shot, edited, by theMSQshop.

Footage from THE UTH, JRM Visuals, and Harleem2x.

Merch, music, and more available:


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