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Young Crazy Drops Video For "Man Down Freestyle"

The Norfolk rapper Young Crazy just released a dope visual for his Man Down Freestyle. Crazy warns his opposition by stating that the game isn't "Call of Duty Warzone, you gon' die, you'll lag off..." He raps punchline after punchline with some quotable lines such as "Poor as hell, having Good Times, bitch you Florida Evans. JJ and his choppa' shooting dynamite from three..." and "Chasin clout, now you on the cloud. You don't fucking get it... get to clapping in the crowd like a motherfucking fan now. Thought I was the man then, you know that I'm the man now... I throw my hood up and skrrt off, that's a man down..." The beat was produced by Northway and shot by Cartaze Films.

Young Crazy has been on a tear this year with his emphatic album Interstate 110 and even performed at Old Dominion University's homecoming in his hometown of Norfolk University. If you're not familiar with Young Crazy and his robust approach to rhyming, I'd suggest watching the visual and then checking out Interstate 110. In the past, he has received recognition from Virginia legends like Pusha T and Timbaland for his strong work ethic and even stronger music. Follow Young Crazy on Instagram and Twitter @youngcrazy110

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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