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"ZeroFromTheTrap: Road Runner" Is A Needed Collab From Eastern Virginia's Finest

Two of the 757's finest in rapper ZeroTheGod and producer FrankieFromTheTrap released a collaborative EP in ZeroFromTheTrap: Road Runner. The Virginia Beach and Norfolk natives came together to curate a high-energy EP that balances Zero's emphatic delivery and cadences along with Frankie's eclectic ear for beats.

Songs like "Ed Sheeran", "Moon", and "Cuzzy" are all different examples of their chemistry. ZeroTheGod raps about his stories in the trap while living the fast life as an emerging rapper. FrankieFromTheTrap's beat selection blends various percussion and horn instruments with robust bass to keep listeners on their toes as Zero slides on each instrumental. Even their song "Lotta Mercy" has a blend of a reggaeton sound with harps blended into the production so ZeroThaGod provides lyrics to get everyone dancing in a function.

ZeroThaGod has his highly anticipated track with RX Papi, "Always On Dawgshit" releasing on the 24th.

To learn more about Zero's growing popularity, check out his documentary where he links up with Lil Uzi and RX Papi during a New York Trip.

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Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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