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CNTR - Your Creative Co-Workspace in Richmond's Downtown Art District

CNTR serves as a multifunctional co-working space designed to support the local community, artists, and businesses by offering a wide range of resources and services. Powered by theMSQshop, this interactive project fosters opportunities for community engagement and business development.


With a focus on promoting intentional productivity and developing sustainable ecosystems, CNTR stands out as a unique space for creative collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Event Space: Host or attend various events in a dynamic setting

  • Retail Area: A space dedicated to display small fashion brands and selling products

  • Art Gallery: Showcase, buy, or appreciate local art in a interactive gallery

  • Photo & Video Studio: A  studio for photography and videography 

    • (Access to lighting and various equipment upon request)

  • Recording & Production Studio: Ideal for producing music or podcasts

  • Office Space: Professional offices for rent

Follow CNTR on Instagram @myCNTR for daily updates 

Schedule a time to visit CNTR here and dont forget to fill out our the CNTR intake form below if you are looking 



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