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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

She's caught the attention of users on one of the biggest social media platforms: Tik Tok. With that, Ur Fav Grannie has taken off and hasn't stopped for a break since.

Ur Fav Grannie was born in Norfolk, Virginia but has moved around more than a few times and has a hard time deciding her refuge. Around the age of 5, she was placed in foster care. At 10, she began running away from homes and getting put back into them. This is why it can be hard for her to claim one city or neighborhood.

As she began gaining popularity on Tik Tok, her supporters started calling her "Grannie".

From there, I added “urfav” and that’s when Urfavgrannie was born! - Ur Fav Grannie

She wanted to stay consistent with her newly made name and changed all of her socials to Ur Fav Grannie. You better follow her, UR FAV GRANNIE EVERYWHERE!!

Grannie has been making music for a little over a year. She started with her single Slingin That Heat, which was released in March of 2021. This track is filled with real instances from Grannie's upbeat life. Truthful and gritty lyrics over a trap savior-like beat help shape the song so well. On another song, Itz Goin Down, she raps an anthem for the ladies and anyone who's ready to shake any body parts they have. Ur Fav Grannie takes her street-like bars and throws them into a party-like vibe.

Life influences Ur Fav Grannie's perspectives and cutthroat lyrics. It all stems from the life she lives and has been subjected to. If anything she knows how to turn her life experiences into a fire track.

An artist that I really admire and who has had an impact on my music is DMX. I love his authenticity and rawness. - Ur Fave Grannie

When it's time to write a new track, it just comes to her, naturally. I guess that's why everyone thinks she does it so easily because it is easy. As long as Grannie's in her zone, she can't be stopped.

When writing a song it kinda just comes to me. Maybe I just saw or heard something that gave me a flashback on my life. 20 minutes later, a song is created. - Ur Fav Grannie

My message would be to never give up. Life is short & we hear this all the time, but, it really is. You never know what the world has in store for you. Just do whatever it is so you will not have any regrets. My producer @djgringo101 on Instagram, responded to me when I mentioned “if I was rapping back in the 90s I’d probably be rich!” He said “now is your time” that’s why I wasn’t rapping in the 90s. It was meant to be now. I love that. - Ur Fav Grannie

As most artists like to be and should be, Ur Fav Grannie has managed to stay consistent with her drops. She does this by putting out at least one song each month and it's usually the last Friday of that month. Ur Fav Grannie has a few singles we should all be on the lookout for; Da Opps, Wangstas, & Turn Up. We're ready for those bangers when you are Grannie!

My goal as an artist is to continue pushing my current music and writing new songs. I really love writing music, rapping to my producer and watching him create a beat to what I just rapped, recording and seeing it all come together. It’s like a high for me. - Ur Fav Grannie

My 5 indie artist shoutout: @Meechi223, @fnfchop, @djgringo101, @Rockadinero, @cobehigh

Ur Fav Grannie would especially like to thank the team at the MSQ Shop for believing in her, and understanding her desires and goals.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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