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10 Independent Artists You Should Know: April 2022

This is the second of a new monthly series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.


Chelsea Pastel

Rapper, singer, & producer from Cleveland

One Song Introduction: "Stop Asking"

One Sentence Pitch: Chelsea Pastel has a palpable swagger that can be heard both in her relentless flows and her melodic hooks, setting her up to be a star.


Chris Patrick

Rapper from New Jersey

One Song Introduction: “Gang Activity”

One Sentence Pitch: Fresh off of headlining a SXSW showcase of his CXR collective, Chris Patrick continues to prove he is one of the most exciting artists out with his versatility, authenticity, and collaborative spirit.



Rapper from Chicago, Illinois

One Song Introduction: “Hidden Hills" ft. Ausar

One Sentence Pitch: Kayo is emerging as one of the more exciting acts in Chicago's ever-growing musical tapestry, releasing polished, exciting singles with carefully crafted visuals as he leads up to his Southside Blue Hearts LP.


Kiran the Nomad

Rapper from London, England and raised across the United States

One Song Introduction: "Granny/Lord Have Mercy"

One Sentence Pitch: Kiran the Nomad lives up to his name, collaborating with artists from all around the country to tell his own story via a melting pot of regional styles becoming a cohesive whole.


Lilly Aviana

Singer-songwriter from Houston

One Song Introduction: “Seasons"

One Sentence Pitch: Lilly Aviana will first win you over with her lavish vocals, but will keep you coming back with her direct from the heart songwriting and composition.


No ($) Savant

Rapper from The Netherlands

One Song Introduction: “Love & Drugs"

One Sentence Pitch: No ($) Savant puts his lack of money where his mouth is, focusing his music largely on mental health and authenticity while avoiding the pitfalls of materialism.


Pat Junior

Rapper and producer from Raleigh

One Song Introduction: “Beauty In The Tears"

One Sentence Pitch: Pat Junior is an incredibly deliberate artist, from the first beat idea to the post-release promotional strategy, he puts his all into every step of the journey to materialize complete bodies of work that stand up next to major label classics.


Ro Marsalis

Singer, songwriter, engineer, & producer from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “Hurt People” ft. Ausar

One Sentence Pitch: When he's not behind the boards helping other artists perfect their tracks, Ro Marsalis shines as an artist in his own right, combining silky smooth production with lush, layered vocals that merge several genres seamlessly.


Unusual Demont

Singer from Wisconsin

One Song Introduction: "Vanta"

One Sentence Pitch: From making Odd Future inspired tracks in his bedroom to international tours alongside Emotional Oranges, Unusual Demont has maintained an eclectic approach to songwriting that makes each song its own lived-in world.



Rapper from Baltimore

One Song Introduction: “LET IT OFF"

One Sentence Pitch: YTK garnered national attention with his viral flip of Mariah Carey's Shake It Off, but those who dug deeper quickly found that he can't be pinned down to any one style, sounding equally at home on acoustic ballads and unorthodox bangers.


Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @__solodolo__ on Twitter.

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