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10 Indie Artists You Should Know: February 2023

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.


Breyan Bliss

Singer, rapper, & musician from Sacremento

One Song Introduction: "When It's Dark Out"

One Sentence Pitch: With his 2022 EP Midnight Fervor, Breyan Bliss made clear that he's here to stay with his seamless melding of smooth crooning and nimble rapping.



Singer, producer, & multi-instrumentalist from Little Rock

One Song Introduction: "FLOATING" ft. LOCK

One Sentence Pitch: DILLION has a rich, soulful voice that he accentuates with lush layering and engaging production.


Erykah Officer

Singer-songwriter from Miami

One Song Introduction: "Please U" with Dende

One Sentence Pitch: A member of the burgeoning Crossroads Music Group, Erykah Officer shines with her gorgeous vocals and vulnerable song-writing.


Jay Wood

Rapper and producer from Chicago

One Song Introduction: "HOMESICK" ft. femdot.

One Sentence Pitch: Jay Wood stands out in a stacked Chicago independent hip-hop scene with his ability to elevate his raps with his melodic flows and polished production.


Khaliyah X

Singer from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “We Outside"

One Sentence Pitch: Khaliyah X makes earworms that update traditional R&B sounds with a modern edge.


Luke Bar$

Rapper from Brockton

One Song Introduction: “"

One Sentence Pitch: A member of Brockton's buzzing Van Buren Records, Luke Bar$ uses his music as an outlet to tell his stories; painting vivid pictures in his raspy, expressive voice.



Producer from Richmond

One Song Introduction: “Good" with BlackLiq

One Sentence Pitch: A fixture of Richmond hip-hop, ohbliv produces hypnotic, timeless beats with meticulous sample flips and evocative drum programming.



Rapper from Jackson

One Song Introduction: “Straight Shot to Nola"

One Sentence Pitch: RobTaleur has a laidback, slick delivery that perfectly compliments his cool yet down to earth lyrics; coming across equal parts luxurious and relatable.


Savvy Mcfly

Rapper from New Haven

One Song Introduction: "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"

One Sentence Pitch: Though Savvy Mcfly is just getting started, it's already clear that he's got something to say; whether wearing his heart on his sleeve with his debut single or boisterously proclaiming himself the most talented alongside his CQCX family.


Wav Lee

Producer from Salt Lake City

One Song Introduction: “playin malcolm" with Lil Du Bois & King $ly

One Sentence Pitch: Wav Lee is a very versatile producer that consistently crafts beats with unique pockets for rappers to utilize, often bringing out some of their best performances.


Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @TylerBlankCQCX on Twitter.

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