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10 Indie Artists You Should Know: January 2023

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.


Blush FM

Singer-songwriter from New York

One Song Introduction: "Jar of Honey"

One Sentence Pitch: Blush FM makes ethereal, self-described "pop adjacent" music that draws you in with its lush soundscapes and resonates emotionally through its vulnerable songwriting.


Cheek the Profit

Rapper from Jersey

One Song Introduction: "Big Bag"

One Sentence Pitch: A member of Jersey's Renaissance Music Records, Cheek the Profit crafts bangers with his boisterous energy and innate charisma.


Drew Famous

Rapper from Roanoke

One Song Introduction: "If I Trip 1+2" ft. RXKNephew & kliftxn

One Sentence Pitch: Drew Famous is one of the most exciting rappers based in Richmond right now, sounding equally at home on collaborations with vivid storytellers like Kaleb Mitchell and the exuberant enigma that is RXK Nephew.


Jay Hollywood

Rapper from Brooklyn

One Song Introduction: "New World" ft. Mike Quill, Aviad, & Dre Wave$

One Sentence Pitch: Jay Hollywood is only 16 years old but is already proving himself as a rapper to watch, especially honing his talents on his recent album Isaiah.


K$ the Kid

Rapper and producer from Maryland

One Song Introduction: “OUT THE WAY" ft. Armani Jordan

One Sentence Pitch: K$ the Kid is another young and important part of a bubbling DMV underground scene and primed to take a big step forward in 2023.



R&B/Hip-hop artist from Atlanta

One Song Introduction: “Bad Girl"

One Sentence Pitch: Miriam creates nocturnal, atmospheric music that's influenced by trap bangers and R&B earworms in equal measure.



Rapper and producer from Livingston

One Song Introduction: “Crystal Ball"

One Sentence Pitch: MIKE is claiming his spot as one of the best lyricists out and a titan of the underground, sitting right next to influences like Earl Sweatshirt.



Artist from Landstuhl

One Song Introduction: “VDAY"

One Sentence Pitch: MOD defies genre boundaries, blending myriad styles to make hard hitting and meaningful tracks.


Rexx Life Raj

Rapper from Berkeley

One Song Introduction: "Long Way"

One Sentence Pitch: Listening to Rexx Life Raj rap feels like hearing from an old friend, accessible and honest without being overly flashy.



Rapper from Cleveland

One Song Introduction: “Harry Potter"

One Sentence Pitch: Ricotrap weaves together irreverent, hilarious bars that leave you simultaneously in awe and laughter.

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Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @TylerBlankCQCX on Twitter.

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