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10 Independent Artists You Should Know: June 2022

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.



Singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania

One Song Introduction: "Paraíso (Orchestral)"

One Sentence Pitch: Bairi is poised to be a star, showing meticulous attention to detail in everything from stacking gorgeous vocal layers to crafting rollouts for her music--- watch for her to be a household name in due time.


Ben Blanks

Rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “Dracula” ft. Johan Lenox & Isaac Zale

One Sentence Pitch: Ben Blanks recently released his debut Is This Tomorrow?, a project rooted in class-consciousness and revolutionary politics packaged in a smooth, at times hypnotic presentation.


Frsh Waters

Rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “OTW"

One Sentence Pitch: Frsh Waters exudes authenticity; whether solo or alongside Pivot Gang, you can always count on him to openly share his personality with rhymes so carefully crafted they sometimes sound like spoken word poetry.


Gold Haze

Producer and rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: "Confirmation" ft. Just Adam

One Sentence Pitch: You may know him more for his platinum singles with artists like Pooh Shiesty and G Herbo, but Gold Haze shines just as much in his own music, rapping with a conviction in everything he says and sliding perfectly over his own beats.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Isaia Huron

Singer and drummer from Greenville and Nashville

One Song Introduction: “Self!"

One Sentence Pitch: Isaia Huron has a distinctive brand of alternative R&B, drawing both from his childhood drumming in church and his adolescent forays into lo-fi SoundCloud demos.


Kiraly Payne

Rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “Phases"

One Sentence Pitch: Kiraly Payne is a rapper's rapper with nimble flows and wordplay, but he's also comfortable singing and using vocal effects to elevate his songs into earworms.


Miles Canady

Rapper from Arlington

One Song Introduction: “Down"

One Sentence Pitch: Over lush soundscapes, the self-proclaimed empath raps openly about emotional and mental health struggles with a refreshing honesty and focus on healing together.



Producer from Portland

One Song Introduction: “Up to You” with Mat Randol, ft. Westside Boogie & Mal London

One Sentence Pitch: Whether flipping radio freestyles on social media or producing for a wide array of accomplished rappers, Sxlxmxn has a polished, masterful consistency that ensures every song he makes ends up on repeat.



Rapper from Massachusetts

One Song Introduction: "Manifest"

One Sentence Pitch: ZAAY has a talent for pairing melodic, soothing hooks with verses full of immediacy and vulnerability that get you invested in the person behind the rhymes.


Zyah Belle

Singer-songwriter and producer from Vallejo

One Song Introduction: “F**k That" ft. Tempest

One Sentence Pitch: Zyah Belle's music is a breath of fresh air, with her recent project Who's Listening Anyway? perfectly showcasing her unique blend of heartfelt songwriting, soulful production, rich melodies, and ear for when to add in a featured artist.


Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @__solodolo__ on Twitter.

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