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EP REVIEW: Waiting Room

Takiyah "Ky" Carter, more commonly known by her artist name Khaos Ky, is a 24 year old artist and rapper from Richmond, VA. This week I will be reviewing her rap EP titled Waiting Room, which dropped last year on December 1st as an end of the quarter release project.

Since the project has had some time to age, it is clear to see that the general public has been showing Waiting Room some love! After only one month of the EP's release, Waiting Room accumulated over 15,000 streams across digital streaming platforms. Popular songs off the project such as Intro and Don’t Cost 2 Call carry the project and garnered more attention towards Khaos Ky as an artist. Although this EP review is a little delayed compared to the project's original release date, this project is just the stepping stone to something greater for Khaos Ky.

The project itself consists of six songs and is approximately a 17 minute listen. This project is really just a brief look into the various sides and emotions of Khaos Ky! Some songs are high energy and hype while others are serious and reminiscent. Beat wise, this EP is sample heavy and it adds that perfect nostalgic feel. Samples in this project include He Loves Me by Jill Scott, Celebrity Overnight by Twista, Baby by Ashanti, and more.

Keep reading to hear my thoughts and breakdown of each song, as well as some words from Ky herself. Stay until the end of the article to see what Ky has planned for fans in the near future as well!

Vy: What was the inspiration behind this project, and what message did you want to give to listeners?

Khaos Ky: These were literally all singles. They were all recorded at different times and I just put them together. I create a lot of music and sometimes the music just sits. I found a home for these songs because they had a lot in common -- the samples.

The inspiration behind the project was to give my listeners something fun to fill their ears. This project can be compared to the mixtape era where you place a collective of 'singles' into one project to create a versatile body of work.


The Intro starts off the listening experience with dreamy, nostalgic, and mellow piano keys accompanied by motivational dialogue that gives the intro that emotional aspect. Ky's voice is low and smooth, which compliments her confident yet chilled out flow. I also really enjoyed the drums at the end -- such a crazy progression!

If I didn't ask Ky personally how this project came to be, I'd be surprised that they were all separate singles that were put together into one project. The samples make this project sound extremely cohesive so far!

I especially enjoyed the sample in the beginning of Vacant Home. I'm really starting to see the inspiration behind Ky's sound as it slowly unveils itself more and more through each track.

Ky comes in hot with blunt lyrics that are serious and emotional behind this bass dominated beat.

The hook in this song is crazy catchy and will definitely be something that will be stuck in your head for days! Her flow is less aggressive and more smooth and sultry in this one, and I really appreciated the easy to follow flow that gave listeners the ability to hear each bar.

"Ain’t build a foundation, we know it’s gonna break.”

Vy: How has this EP shaped your sound and journey as an artist?

Khaos Ky: I released Waiting Room to anticipate what’s to come, which is an album release -- one being a collaboration album and the other being my first body of work put together with a team outside of myself, on a wider spectrum utilizing resources within the industry. The title having a riddle in itself, this is my art prior to the breakthrough; this project calls out my vulnerability and versatility while also giving that mixtape feel. My goal before releasing this project was to reach 10K streams within the first month, and that goal exceeded my expectations!


The third song, titled Remind Me, has to be my favorite song lyrically. Some lyrics are real and serious while some are witty, funny, and a little freaky. Regardless of what she's saying, Ky's delivery allows listeners to vibe out to it over this 808s heavy beat. She utilizes her lower register in this song, and it feels less aggressive than the other songs and more reminiscent -- as the song title suggests.

"You remind me of my baby / What’s right still feeling wrong”

Shortly after releasing the EP, Khaos Ky dropped a performance video for the fourth track titled Don’t Cost 2 Call that reached 14K views on her YouTube. The video has brought so much attention to the song that it now holds the second most played track released by Khaos Ky on Apple Music!

The mixing on Don't Cost 2 Call is significantly different from the other songs because her voice is more muted, almost like she's talking to you through the phone. The song itself is fast paced with a crazy groovy drum line. Ky is riding the flow of the beat at some parts but also shows her ability to command the beat to her liking when she slows it down. Her flow is actually insane in this one, and I love how she just ad-libs out the end of her songs. It really shows that she’s just having fun with it!

I immediately became drawn to the next song, Red Light, because of the vocalization and ad-libs in the intro. It was just a great addition that complimented this mellow out beat that is slower than the rest of the project. Ky's flow and delivery is more serious and soft, and I feel like she is the most vulnerable yet comfortable in this song as an artist. I enjoyed the duality of both singing and rapping on this one, and her voice allows for a lot of diversity and versatility in the delivery.

"If I had to question where we stand, no we ain’t close friends.”

Vy: If the audience could only listen to one song off the EP, which would it be and why?

Khaos Ky: If a listener could only listen to one song on the album, I’d say the bonus track, Haunted, is the one you should listen to. Why?

I believe that this song is completely relatable for this generation. It’s the perfect mixture of both R&B and Rap combined into one song along with a catchy melody.


The last song to end off our listening experience is a must listen bonus track titled Haunted. The mixing on this song is more mellowed and muted, but I actually appreciated the smoothness it added to the song. The previous song was also serious and slow, but this song is reminiscent in a different way. The piano is dreamy and nostalgic, and the lyrics aren’t sad but rather matter of fact and a bit spiteful.

"And I promise, my love might leave you haunted.”

Vy: I know that you briefly talked about how dropping this EP served as anticipation for what's to come. So what's coming up for you! Could you go into more detail about your upcoming album?

Khaos Ky: I have a collaborative album dropping this summer called Wex and Friends 2, anticipated for July. I was given the opportunity to meet plenty of new faces, artists, writers, engineers, and many other creative individuals after relocating to Dallas, TX for a year in 2021. We met at a show many of us were apart of last year in May. That’s how linking with these super creatives came about.

We recently tracked the entire album last month. This album will contain 30 different genres alone, so versatility is an understatement for this one. I’ve never seen this done before my eyes all at once, so I’m super excited to share my new experiences with my fanbase and supporters.

Get ready for this new era of Khaos Ky because it is completely advanced and different from the music you’ve heard before.

Vy: Lastly, describe your project in one sentence!

"This EP will the reveal nostalgia within you while still giving you a new and refreshed energy as well as an inner scope on the music."

Overall, this project was so raw and real. I loved how Ky managed to integrate all these amazing samples into her beats and show a different sound and energy in each song. it was crazy to see her switch from confident to vulnerable to serious! Khaos Ky is truly a diverse artist that has many talents (and upcoming other projects) coming your way! In the meantime be sure to stream Waiting Room, and stay tuned for my next article review!




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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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