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New DMV Artist LBS's "KIRBY" Takes Over NYC In Dope Visual!

If you’re looking for the perfect turn-up energy to set the mood during this summer, LBS’s KIRBY is right on time. Released back in September of 2021, I was a late bloomer when it came to being hip to this track; but now that I’ve caught on, I’m a complete believer. The related music video takes place throughout New York City’s Time Square and 145th St locations. LBS gives the perfect visuals for the listener to associate with - various edits and transitions that capture the eye along with your ears! (There’s a really dope bits and pixels transition the director uses in an edit that meshes with the bars perfectly!)

Another thing fans can appreciate is the open experience LBS offers by vlogging his creative process on his YouTube channel. Here, listeners can watch him put his pen to the pad, decipher different flows he simultaneously runs through in the track, and finally film at the studio and music video locations.

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Written by: Bakarii Kennedy on Instagram and Twitter.

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