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10 Independent Artists You Should Know: May 2022

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.



Rapper from Chicago

One Song Introduction: "Paradise" ft. Thelonious Martin

One Sentence Pitch: Authenticity is the core of Ausar's songwriting, whether he's musing about honeybees, bragging about his accomplishments, or opening up about his personal life.

Links: Twitter, Instagram, Website



Rapper from Washington

One Song Introduction: “Red Water” ft. Donte Thomas, Sxlxmxn, & Mick Jenkins

One Sentence Pitch: Jaywop continues to elevate his craft, always managing to hold his own while surrounding himself with an ever-growing list of impressive collaborators.

Links: Twitter, Instagram



Singer-songwriter and producer from Chicago

One Song Introduction: “Anybody Can Be In Love"

One Sentence Pitch: KAINA creates a soulful, genre-blending sound that is somehow both instantly familiar and entirely new--- a perfect canvas for her warm vocals and nostalgic songwriting.

Links: Twitter, Instagram, Website


Kate Bollinger

Singer-songwriter from Virginia

One Song Introduction: "Yards / Gardens"

One Sentence Pitch: Kate Bollinger's instantly recognizable blend of ethereal vocals, silky smooth production, and lyrics that tip-toe the line between moving and mundane leaves you thinking about her songs long after they come to an end.

Links: Twitter, Instagram, Website


Kareem Ledell

Rapper from Tennessee

One Song Introduction: “D U L L"

One Sentence Pitch: Kareem Ledell raps with a soothing nonchalance that lets you focus on each of his insightful, thought-provoking, and personal lyrics.

Links: Twitter, Instagram



Rapper from New Jersey

One Song Introduction: “Fleeze"

One Sentence Pitch: Next up out of CXR is Noah, who comes out swinging on his recent debut Mirrors In A Mausoleum- an album that's equal parts overwhelming confidence and an acknowledgment of all the blood, sweat, and tears that it took to get this far.