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10 Indie Artists You Should Know: October 2022

This is part of a series highlighting 10 independent artists each month. Artists are presented in alphabetical order. To be considered for future entries, you can submit your music via the email address provided below.



Singer-songwriter and rapper from Inglewood

One Song Introduction: "nwts"

One Sentence Pitch: Fresh off of a tour with Saba and collaborations with Isaiah Rashad and Kenny Mason, Amindi is making it clear that she's here to stay with her genre agnostic and vulnerable songwriting.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Ben Reilly

Rapper from Atlanta

One Song Introduction: "Agenda"

One Sentence Pitch: Ben Reilly is meticulous with every detail of his music, from the clever individual bars to the complex overall project concepts.

Links: Twitter , Instagram



Rapper from Houston

One Song Introduction: "Different Days" ft. Dende

One Sentence Pitch: ChessNotCheckers makes incredibly smooth music, rapping with a melodic delivery that keeps you around to catch all of the wordplay.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Dave Coresh

Rapper from Los Angeles

One Song Introduction: "IDGNF"

One Sentence Pitch: Dave Coresh seamlessly blends hip-hop with punk music, making raucous bangers to be played at high volumes.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


King Khali

Rapper from Atlanta

One Song Introduction: “Fist High" with Sage, Reek, & Malcolm Jakob

One Sentence Pitch: King Khali has a commanding voice, quickly getting you to hang onto every word and rewarding it with powerful writing, whether social commentary or personal reflection.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Michael Milam

Rapper from Kentucky

One Song Introduction: “DRAMATIC"

One Sentence Pitch: Transparency is key in Michael Milam's music, venting his emotions on each track and forming an instant connection with the listener.

Links: Twitter, Instagram



Rapper from Oakland

One Song Introduction: “Who Am I"

One Sentence Pitch: Nito emphasizes storytelling in his music, introducing himself to the world on his recent breakout project 4DASOUL.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Pink Siifu

Rapper and producer from Birmingham and Cincinnati

One Song Introduction: “Griptape'!!" ft. Valee

One Sentence Pitch: Pink Siifu is one of the most versatile artists out right now, sounding equally at home in collaborations with everyone from Valee to The Avalanches to Liv.e to Boldy James.

Links: Twitter, Instagram



Rapper from Cleveland

One Song Introduction: "Starburst" ft. Lilly Aviana

One Sentence Pitch: Twnty8 finds a way to always make his raps sound effortless, sounding completely in his element whether unleashing a barrage of bars or dialing it back for a more conversational flow.

Links: Twitter, Instagram



Singer-songwriter from Los Angeles

One Song Introduction: “Mean Girl" with Pigeons & Planes

One Sentence Pitch: Wallice is one of the most exciting new voices in the alt-pop world, crafting records with witty writing and an instantly relatable personality.

Links: Twitter, Instagram


Written by: Tyler Blankinship, @TylerBlankCQCX on Twitter.

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