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3ktrae Puts Salt In The Wounds On New Track, "Healing"

3ktrae is a rapper from Charles City County, VA who started making music in 2018. He has released several mixtapes and EPs since then, and this year alone he dropped a full-length album and four singles, including his latest song, Healing.

Healing is full of woeful lyrics about overcoming emotional anguish and dreaming of better days, as he raps in the hook: "But here’s a good point that I think you just been missing/The devil is a lie, but his snakes still hissing/Poisoning the youth and all the future children/ Came a long way but its still a lot of healing."

The instrumental reminds me of the kind of songs I would find on SoundCloud during the golden era, 2015-17. Solemn guitar backing with a speedy percussive backbeat, the song is fast but it doesn't deviate from its emotional course.

All in all, Healing is a very personal and soulful track that deserves to be on your playlist while you're driving home late at night.

Stream Healing on all platforms here.

Follow 3ktrae on IG @3ktrae

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.


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