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Updated: May 4, 2022

At theMSQshop we are huge fans of Adult Swim. Honestly, who isn’t? We have been lucky enough to see some amazing shows, skits, and random ass stuff over the years. They have been advocates for not only comedy but self-expression. Even though it has grown to become a national treasure, they still explore the unique and obscure parts of our brains that we may not even know exists.

Taking it a step further, Adult Swim has collaborated with some great artists before. “Adult Swim even tried to function as a proper record label, Williams Street Records, which released albums from Killer Mike and Cerebral Ballzy alongside music from Adult Swim shows like “The Venture Bros.” and “Metalocalypse.” They have since transitioned from being a record label to giving away music and have had releases with MF Doom, IDK and even buying beats from Flying Lotus. So, I wanted to throw in five indie artists I think would be great for the next Adult Swim collab. And away we go *Rick Voice*.

1. Lil Ugly Mane

If you don’t know who this guy is, I get it. If you do know who he is, I get that too. Lil Ugly Mane aka Shawn Kemp aka Vudmurk aka Bedwetter is the definition of an underground legend. He has been a phantom in the indie hip-hop scene for as long as I can remember. Coming from a punk rock background it’s amazing some of the incredible things this guy has accomplished from his dark rap dungeon.

Besides his only IG post looking like a creepy Adult Swim commercial already and working with the likes of Nickelus F, Lil Tracy, Denzel Curry, and others Lil Ugly Mane he is about as Adult Swim as they come. I’m truly thinking about this like “would he even consider working with them anyway or is he badass enough to say no?” He is the only Adult Swim alum on this list from his guest appearance with Nickelus F on the William Street Swap Shop show, but he is the walking epitome of the Adult Swim brand. Why not have him come back and make guest appearances on other shows?

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2. UV Scutti

If you know UV Scutti then you know he gives zero f*cks and also he is hilarious. His shamelessness would make others cry but for Scutti it's just another day in life. This is actually what makes him such a great artist though. He bears it all in the music and his eclectic style is present at all times.

He is the first rapper to chop-n-screw a rage rap album. Yes, you read that right. Yes, it's literally insane. No, he’s not into you because you agree. Personally, I’d love to see Suavemente in every commercial but that’s just me. If Adult Swim is smart they’ll be on the phone with Scutti by the time I finish writing this. Are they ready to rage or not?

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Have you heard this guy? BIGBABYGUCCI is as turnt as they come and his music is no different. His energetic flows over futuristic beats make you want to mosh pit but on the moon or Mars if Elon can hurry up. His project Iridesense is refreshing and I totally get why he’s receiving the type of exposure he has been lately (like recently co-headlining at Rolling Loud).

Anyways, Jump is a banger that even Swifty Morty would bounce to. I’m not saying it should happen immediately but Adult Swim better have that joint playing soon as this episode of Robot Chicken is over or I’m going to lose it. BIGBABYGUCCI got the bounce that’s perfect for a break in between shows and I’d love to see this happen.



MACK is super mysterious to me. She has this aura about her that is really intriguing and also hard to figure out. It’s that mystique that makes her the perfect fit for Adult Swim. She is a fashion killer, jewelry creator, and an amazing model.

Okay cool, she’s mysterious - but what about the music? Camp Cunt has been the theme song at theMSQshop for the last few months and I don’t see why it’s not the National Anthem at this point. So at the very least, Adult Swim can make it happen.

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5. FulmetalParka$

I refer to this guy as the anime rapper in my head. FulmetalParka$ has carved a lane for himself in the anime world between his marketing and his just outright love for the art. He also makes music that would score just about any anime alive.

As I am typing this, I’m seeing him scored on shows like Samurai Jack and Metalocalypse - yes I’m aware they no longer air. His most recent collaboration with Shaolinn Mob Pyscho needs to be on Adult Swim immediately. The video. The song. Have him do an animated performance to the song. Whatever it can be, I’m in.

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Written by OG ILLA (@HLGNLIFE)

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