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5 Indie Artists J. Cole Needs To Invite To The Next Dreamville Sessions

J. Cole is well... it's J. Cole. Besides being a legendary emcee, producer, and hip-hop historian J. Cole has created some very big moments in Hip Hop with his Dreamville sessions. The last session for "Revenge of the Dreamers III" brought artists like Guapdad4000 and Deante' Hitchcock to the mainstream light.

We have no clue if there will be another Dreamville session like the last which took the industry by storm with the invites floating around the internet in anticipation that you might just receive one! Well, these are the five candidates we think would be major contributors.

1. Intalek

We have covered Intalek multiple times on our platform, but for real this guy is the truth. If one thing is for certain, the Dreamville camp is known for its profound lyricism and its ability to keep the core fundamentals of Hip Hop in their modern sounds; Intalek is one and the same. This would be an excellent fit and an artist to push even the illest pens to greatness.

Coming off his album "Theodore" we've seen Intalek bless stages across the country. He is no rookie tho, Lek has been a staple in Virginia Hip Hop for over a decade and that hard work has paid off in major ways. Cole if you out there watching - let's make it happen.

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2. Otis Fonde

Otis Fonde is someone who came across theMSQshop desk recently but we are seriously impressed. With the right production, I can see a huge collab here with the Dreamville squad. Otis's ability to take personal stories and make them universal songs is really special; comparable to J. Cole himself.

Part of the sessions is the ability to put your best foot forward while among your peers and colleagues and Otis is no stranger to performing under pressure. Besides the numerous competitions he has won, Otis is not afraid to confront his real-life problems as well - listen to "Clarity" if you need the proof.

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3. Kaay Taurus

"This joint feels like we supposed to be in NY tearing them bars and speakeasy spots down" is an actual quote about Kaay Taurus and her latest single "TLC". We know Dreamville puts heart and soul into their music and Kaay is nothing less than that.

Kaay is also a passionate producer and makes it a mission to let it be known: WOMEN PRODUCE TOO. J. Cole who has self-produced most of his albums would have serious respect for this diverse artist.

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4. Mary Mack

This is an artist that knows how to bring energy to a situation. Mary Mack got IT. She's got the look, she's got the hits, and she's got the grind. I think many people were not expecting artists like the aforementioned Guapdad4000 to be such an integral part of "Revenge of the Dreamers III" but he shined in a room full of superstars.

This is what I expect from Mary. She has the sauce that would give any song the kick it needed. Would love to see her on something with J.I.D in particular because that collab would be bonkers.

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5. Justin Starling

One of the best parts features of TikTok is finding talent just by scrolling through the timeline. Justin Starling is someone who has used social media to elevate himself in those positions. With that being said, his ability to make good music is actually his special power.

Dreamville would bring the best out of his songwriting ability and I think he would shine in a room full of stars. Looking forward to hearing a joint effort with Justin and Bas; that would be one for the ages.

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Written by OG ILLA (@HLGNLIFE)

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