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Updated: May 4, 2022

Jack Harlow is one of the hottest artists in the world right now. We’ve seen him rise from being the What's Poppin artist to someone even Kanye had to acknowledge. The music is undeniable but what has really separated Jack Harlow from his peers and others in the industry is his humility, down-to-earth attitude, and enjoyable personality.

But back to the music. Jack Harlow is able to touch a lot of sounds and even though we have heard some great collabs, here are some amazing indie artists I want to see him working with right now. These artists compliment Jack but also I think would challenge him and nothing but pure vibes/hits would be the outcome. Check the list below and let us know what you think.

Akeem Ali

Akeem Ali aka Keemy Casanova is the Mack Daddy himself (signed to Lou Williams indie label Winners United label.) His punchlines and the way he bends and works tracks are unique, fun and in all honesty just SLAPS. I first discovered him on a Facebook video that went viral, which was from his appearance at The 85 South Comedy Show. This guy might be a pimp in success but don't sleep, the bars are insane.

Jack Harlow would be a perfect combo and just the feature he needs to break into the mainstream's view but also to create a BOP! Jack's ability to have fun and not take himself too seriously and Akeem’s lively nature would be a match made in Don Juan heaven. Somebody get these guys in a studio immediately.

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theMSQshop is constantly discovering new artists every day, and it's always exciting to find someone like Kamikazzz. Her project Goin Kamikazzz is still getting insane rotation on my Spotify - so good I even sent it to people because I was so hype.

This combo is already Billboard ready. The beat selection, the ability to rap, the vibes all align. Jack would be a great compliment to her style and I definitely see a chart-topper in the making.

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We all know it but the fact is Jack has the sauce and is a huge facet of pop culture. Stayathomedad has the soul and is a merging Pop/R&B fusion artist. This combo would be one for the ages. Neither are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and push their limits - hence Industry Baby.

With the right production, this could be as legendary as Justin Timberlake and the Clipse or Nelly Furtado and Timbaland. I could picture this duo pumping out multiple classics.

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G-SALIH caught attention with his latest effort Found You which made our Top 3 countdown the second we saw it. The visual was outstanding but it’s the beauty of the song that caught my attention. Weeks later it’s still one of my favorite songs I've heard this year - and we hear A LOT of songs.