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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Rhythm + Flow is a competitive rap show that challenges indie artists to exude their individuality, talent, and potential in being signed. Judges Cardi B, and Chance The Rapper critique the contestants in the hopes of pushing them towards stardom. Artists are challenged with battle rapping contests, creating their own music from scratch, visualizing their music and so much more. Check out the five candidates we think would accept the challenges and triumphs of being a rising star.

1. Jade Goddess

With a fresh mind that's always ready for growth and new experiences, Jade Goddess would be the perfect candidate. Her individuality sets her apart from the rest with her colorful hairstyles, striking outfits, and accessories. Jade is constantly performing and networking with people in her community which would impress the judges by showing her motivation.

She's always experimenting with her voice, switching from rapping to catchy melodies. Her music involves sharp, relatable lyrics. Capricorn, her latest ep, is full of different sounds and perspectives. She'd simply shine as a candidate with the versatility rooted in her creativity.

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2. Qari

Alliteration, metaphors, and imagery are used throughout Qari's music. I swear if you were to cut the beat, he'd keep going without hesitation. A flow that can last can only be respected by the star-studded judges. Qari has worked with artists like Supa Bwe, and Twista which shows he can remain himself even when creating with other artists.

Skip To My Lou featuring Twista, his most recent single, shows us that he is indeed grateful, and constantly working, but he still enjoys the fancier things in life. Qari would show the judges that lyrics and flows are a piece of cake.

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3. Dee TheDemon

Although she claims to have started rapping by accident, the judges would enjoy this happy accident. Dee TheDemon is an energetic artist that throws her comedic and playful traits into her music. Her latest track You Heard What Happened To The Last Security Guards shows you that she wastes no time punching in and gets straight to the point with her hard-hitting one-liners.

The judges would enjoy seeing someone have fun with their music all the while still taking it seriously. Anyone that can bring positive energy into their craft is perfect. She does what she wants on beats and doesn't think about it twice.

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4. Marco Plus

If you like a great storyteller, you and the judges would choose MARCO PLUS as a candidate

with no question. The beats mesh perfectly with his voice, reassuring us that if the beat gradually digresses or picks up, he'll still be there, rapping.

MARCO PLUS humbly raps about harsh times he's had but also the confidence and self-preservation he exudes no matter what. If the judges can relate to an artist, they're more likely to notice them and follow along with the stories the artist has to tell. His recent project, Tha Souf Got Sum 2 Say has crisp wordplay and a range of topics throughout every song.

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5. Joey Bricks

Constantly locked into his craft, Joey Bricks is an artist that shows being patient with yourself and your art can take your artistry up a notch. The judges would enjoy listening to his catchy hooks and poetic words. He hasn't dropped recently, but a project called Everyone Can't Go is set to drop this April.

Joey Bricks is allowing his last project, Don't Even Trip to marinate in our brains as we wait for the next one. The project gives us the idea that he is indeed not here to play any games about his artistry. He makes it look so easy, but there's still lots of work being done behind the scenes. The judges would be entertained by someone who has their own flow but still tries sh*t.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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