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Al-Doms' "Prescribed Overdose" Amazes Virginia

The versatile Virginia veteran Al-Doms makes his hometown of Norfolk, VA proud in his newest album Prescribed Overdose. This album was highly anticipated with his two leading singles, APPARENT and his Pusha T collaboration HAHA. After the first day of its release, the album accumulated over a million streams on Spotify. Prescribed Overdose is a thirteen-song trip in which Doms displays the aforementioned versatility in three different segments, or in the album's case, doses.

The first dose is the part of the album that displays his bravado and sinister side with the two earlier mentioned singles and BIG DEAL. The second dose starts off with LECTRIC SLIDE which sounds inspired by The Neptunes. It's a song that takes Doms out of his vocal pocket as he focuses more on his singing and switching voice tones. The end of the second dose is RIGHT HERE, which Al-Doms opens up about his thoughts about a relationship as he rides down Interstate 64 and realizes she isn't always going to be right there with him and vice versa.

The final dose is a more introspective, melodically slower portion of the album. SINCERELY has Al become transparent about his journey and how he feels about his accomplishments. Overall, Prescribed Overdose is a statement album by Al-Doms that he made himself a big deal and things are only going up from here. All of the sounds were produced by the likes of Bijan Amir, N-I-N-E, Coop The Truth, LDG, Jahaan Sweet, Don Kevo, Cobalii, MYFRIENDMEESHA, Derek Rusinek, and nepaondabeat. Stream the album on all platforms.

Al-Doms can be found on all social media @AL_DOMS .

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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