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Album Review: Before Boulevard

“Before Boulevard” is a poignant and introspective album that delves deep into the life and experience of T.R.I.G, shedding light on this past, his responsibilities as a father, and the challenges he faces while pursuing his passion for music, through a collection of tracks that each tell a unique story, this album not only resonates with listeners but also delivers a powerful message about growing up in Richmond VA.

What ties a lot of his songs together is the common thread of self-discovery and growth, all set against the backdrop of Richmond, Va. T.R.I.G’s storytelling ability shines as he invites listeners into his world, sharing the highs and lows of his life’s journey. The album carries a powerful message about the importance of family, responsibility, and the drive to overcome obstacles to achieve one’s dreams. The stories in each track are relatable, and many listeners will find elements of their own experiences within T.R.I.G’s narrative.

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Written by Daija Mckinstry

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