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Ashlee White Serenades Her Listeners on "Silk & Chardonnay" Visual

The vocalist Ashlee White from Woodbridge, Virginia has been displaying her singing capabilities ever since things started opening up. She was featured at FeelGood RVA's Live and Let Live (read the recap for that show here). She also performed in Baltimore, D.C., and Virginia Beach during this summer. Her leading single Silk and Chardonnay feels like a tight hug from your lover the morning after a sensual night. Her slick storytelling style is utilized in this song to discuss what leads up to that very "morning after" feeling I stated in the last sentence. She is the narrator in the visual as she walks the viewer through the feelings between the couple in the video. Her debut album Chameleon is going to be on all digital streaming platforms on July 30th and you can preorder for it HERE. Enjoy the video and follow her on all social media @thecureeee .

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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