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BlvckHndz Carries "DeadFlowerz"

Norfolk, Virginia native BlvckHndz returns with his newest single DeadFlowerz. BlvckHndz raps about his fatigue with ungrateful women and how he prioritizes chasing the cheddar. The sonic electronic melodies complement his monotone style to give the song a grim yet lively vibe.

When asked about his music style, BlvckHndz states: "I’m a relatable alternative hip hop artist that blends mellow psychedelic chord progressions with mostly hip hop & pop drum patterns. It’s almost like the atmospheres of Tyler the creator’s lyricism (post-Goblin) meshed with the eccentric synths of Tame Impala (post-Lonersism). I write and produce my own material. My songs are very original. I make music for visual adventurers who like to get lost in their thoughts."

He can be found on all social media @blvckhndz and visit his website

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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