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Blzzy Is Hot On The Radar With His Latest Single "NITO!"

Blzzy is an up-and-coming nineteen-year-old rapper from the 757! Having plans to start his career as a new indie artist, this has been a much anticipated single. NITO was written in the fall of 2020. Blzzy wrote this track during a time where he felt detached from old friend groups and relationships amidst the stop into COVID.

The name Nito is short for “incognito." This song portrays Blzzy's wittiness to the questions of “where you been at?”, “Why no link?”, “What do you do now?”. Blzzy expresses how he prefers his team to move when it comes to engaging with others: "Keep it nito, we’ll catch em." The breakdown near the end of the song is there to express empty space with explosive movement. The breakdown gradually builds up for a wave of impact and swing on power, as you will hear multiple voices that attack and bounce off each other.

NITO is definitely one of Blzzy's most electrifying written songs yet. Check it out! (you're missing out if you don't)



Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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