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Cam Archer Is In "No Rush"

The Inland Empire California native Cam Archer is back at it again with another song called No Rush. In this song, Cam approached it differently from his apathetic and introspective sounds yet similar to the upbeat song he had from the Midnight Run album 20909. The hook is sung really well where he states "floating through the clouds, pocket full of luck, she slides me her number, tell me keep it on the hush, ain't no rush..." It's refreshing to hear this side of Cam. In his verses, he spits that his vision is on "new heights, the vision was map size, that's the globe, not the coast, my wave don't capsize. Who side you on? My side too strong..." In the second verse, Cam paints pictures of how he celebrates making it another day out of San Bernandino a.k.a., "The Dino City", which is in the top twenty cities in the US for homicide rates. This song was produced by OhGoshLeotus and it's on all DSP's. You can follow Cam Archer on all social media @camarcher to stay up to date with his music and articles for Bleacher Report. OhGoshLeotus socials are @ohgoshleotus on all social media.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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