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Cam Archer Let's You Know In "Advance" That He's Not For The Bullshit In Newest Video

Cam Archer, one of the Inland Empire's finest released a new visual for his single Advanced. The familiar face of Damian Lillard's 4BarFriday series discusses how he's building up achievements that reflect his Gamertag. The song covers how he developed his focus once he found out his purpose and how to get rich off of it. There are guest appearances from Inland Empire artists and producers such as Aye Sincere, Joe Sweatpants, OhGoshLeotus (who produced the beat for Advance), and CJ Westley in the dry humor-themed video similar to the comedy style of The Office. This song reminds me of a slower-paced 20909 featuring Jay Kasai from their Midnight Run Albumwhere Cam displays his vocal range to a solid degree. Outside of his various flows and witty lyricism, Cam is evolving his musical range like how power forwards in basketball overtime added three-point shooting to their arsenal. You can follow Cam on all social media @CamArcher

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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