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Catch Up With Ducttapejesus On His New Single "Blessings Brother"

"You’ve got your mother’s eyes mixed with your daddy’s lies of course I hate my 9-5 the pack done got me paralyzed.”

A whirlwind of optimism and anxiety, Blessingsbrother is haunting in the best way possible. The duality of spiraling out of control mixed with being just enough ok to continue your day. This melodic manic bop transports you into the sporadic mind of Ducttape Jesus. The random beat switch ups and eerie sample provided by the underground pop star Never Sleep is just the icing on the cake for this melodramatic tune. Blessingsbrother is a mood board of all the things that make us beautiful and unbearable at the same damn time.

You can stream Blessings Brother here on multiple platforms and take a scroll through his Bandcamp page.

Follow the artist @ducttape_jesus on instagram.

Posted by Arianna Rackham. (@ariannarackham)

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