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Chris Mattison Meets His Fans At "The Intersection" Of His Life

Chris Mattison is much more than a rapper. He's a father, gym rat, and a businessman when it comes to his craft. Chris Mattison is a familiar face within the Virginia music scene dating back all the way to when he was known as Nu3ra Ness. In the past, Mattison has been featured on platforms such as Karen Civil's blog, HipHopDx, and AllDefDigital. On his first independent tour years prior, he performed in fifteen cities along the East Coast most notably Brooklyn, NY, and Atlanta, Georgia. On his second independent tour, his talents led him all the way to the city of angels in California.

The Intersection is a sixteen-track album that delivers a mix of impressive double-time flows and melodic head-nodding music. On the opening track, Michael's Intro, he allows his young son to speak by having him try to introduce the album. After the toddler speaks, Mattison gets right to business with The Intersection as he raps about topics covering racism and surviving a car accident. In the same song, he covers his complex feelings about where he's at in his life with being a committed father, changing professions, and more situaitons. It definitely gives the modus operandi of the album and what's bound to be covered as the listener dives deeper into the project.

Some of my favorite tracks on the project would be Hideaway and In The Summer. Those two tracks are songs to play during an afternoon function as the sunsets and things start to light up in the nighttime. Another song to check out is Can't Relate. It's a nice switch up from the head-nodding function music where the instrumental is mostly strings as his voice is slicker than vaseline on a bowling ball (shout out to Akeem Ali and his song "Black Velvet"). Can't Relate focuses on the challenges that come with success such as friends talking down on his accomplishments, them blaming him for their downfalls, and how he has to outwork his competition. The Intersection is out on all platforms and you can stream it on Spotify below. Follow him on Instagram @mattisonmusic_ and Twitter @MattisonMusic

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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