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Cin the Ciege Is Over Your "Ugly A**" In Latest Single!

Cin the Ciege is a 29 year old artist currently residing in RVA. Emerging out of the intersections of being black and bi, Cin fearlessly embraces his unique identity and channels it into his work. Cin the Ciege's music manages to break boundaries and captures the attention of listeners with his self produced alternative sound and personal lyrics.

This week I will be reviewing Cin the Ciege's latest breakup single titled Ugly Ass which dropped earlier this month on September 8th. The length of the song itself is brief with a listening time of two minutes. However, the feel of the song makes up for it by being fast, fun, and high energy. This single utilizes the heavy use of drums and bass, which is a growing genre amongst the general public right now.

Keep reading to get a sneak peak of Cin's sound in preparation for his latest album!

As I said before, Ugly Ass is a fun and fast paced song that is DnB heavy. The beat sounds like it could be used in a video game. This type of music has honestly been one of my favorite genres to listen to lately. Lyric wise, this song is about letting go and cleansing yourself from people who are no longer serving you. In Cin's words, this song would be about taking out the trash from your life.

"I can't believe I liked your ugly ass / You were nothing more / Just a pile of trash / I'm gonna throw you away."

Ugly Ass is such a fun "I don't care" anthem that still manages to sound upbeat rather than bitter. This song grows on me more and more after every listen, and the chorus is just too catchy! The way the beat fades out to the end with Cin's adlibs wrapped up the song beautifully.


Vy: What was the inspiration behind writing Ugly Ass?

Cin the Ciege: I wrote Ugly Ass because I was fixated on someone whom I thought was sexy as hell to me, but over time I realized how truly ugly they were inside. This is my breakup anthem to the world.

"We love hoarding shit we don’t need anymore, including people. Throw them away!" - Cin the Ciege

Ugly Ass was such a refreshing listen that is right down my alley. This single is just the beginning of Cin the Ciege as he is gearing up to release a ten track album in the (very) near future! Be sure to listen to Ugly Ass on all streaming platforms, and stay tuned for more music from Cin the Ciege!




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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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