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Curbside Jones Revives The Art Of Nostalgia In "Jigga With The Grill"

Curbside Jones is back from riding The Last Train with a new project in tote. The Austin resident spent the latter half of 2021 working on Jigga With The Grill. Curbside Jones was inspired by 90s and early 2000s hip hop and early-mid 2000s fashion. The clothes were baggier, rappers were cool, and radio freestyles could make or break an artist. Bobbito Garcia and Stretch Armstrong gave us the legendary Big L and Jay-z freestyle, which Curbside Jones coins as the driving force behind creating Jigga With The Grill. What's cooler than rapping well? The Jigga-inspired rapper/producer shed his usual introspective and optimistic lyrics to prove that he is ready to bring it to any rapper who feels they are better.

Curbside Jones enlists UK rapper/producer HPBLK, ATL-raised rappers/producers Garrott Odom & Levi Watson, The Last Train collaborator Dexter Fizz, and Japanese rapper KAKKY to assist him with helping rappers improve their skills. Production for Jigga With The Grill comes from VA producer DøøF, UK Producer Phill Blanks, CA producer Flat Stanley, Japanese producer Dhrma, and Curbside Jones himself.

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Written by OG ILLA

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