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MSQ Review: Curtiss King "DIY 2"

Curtiss King embodies what The MSQ Shop is about. His latest album, aptly titled DIY 2 highlights his production skills as well as his abilities as a writer and emcee. This project, a followup to 2011’s “DIY,” is as the name implies—proudly independent. It seeks to be and is every bit as impressive sonically as any major release, and with its lyrical themes, it also celebrates independence; in life, business, and art.

The album is woven together of course by the soundscapes crafted by the emcee himself, but also the vocals of Jaszy Shavers on multiple songs add cohesion as well. The guest appearances by Noa James, CJ Westley, Simon Servida, Christine Ariya, and Jay Kasai were all complimentary and well timed. This is an uplifting listen and a very well executed album by all involved.

Curtiss King throughout the 10-track project drops wisdom and witty one-liners that mostly recount the work it takes to make it as an independent musician and celebrate being personally fulfilled in the process. Added to my personal playlist are the tracks Pain Into Gold, Not A Sponsored Post, and To The Fullest. On the latter Curtiss King spits “They don’t build statues for critics. And though I may slip up a little, at least I can look in the mirror and say I lived it.” This sentiment can be felt by every independent musician everywhere. Let us help you live your music destiny out at The MSQ Shop and listen to all of Curtiss King’s music especially DIY 2.

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