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Derrius Logan Channels Passion And Reflects In "LoverBoy"

Los Angeles artist Derrius Logan has been steadily rising these past few years. He consistently has been putting in work since 2018 from releasing three albums to performing on HBO's Insecure. Now he continues to maintain his hot streak with his latest release, a seven-song heartstring-tugger called LoverBoy.

LoverBoy is packed with melodies, verses, and beats that cannot be pinned down to one single genre, the vocals and style straddle hip hop, R&B, neo-soul, and even tones of electronic and dancehall. From the incredibly catchy Back That Azz Up sample in '99, to the seductive lead single Fuckboy Free that's already received thousands of streams on Spotify, there are so many angles to love LoverBoy from.

Got It To Give is by far the most reflective and insightful track on the album. It sounds like a blunt letter to a significant other, asking for nothing but honesty and equal giving in a relationship. LoverBoy's themes are perfectly encapsulated here.

If I had to name some favorite tracks personally, as difficult as it'd be to choose, Rebound, iwannabewithyou. comewithme., and the more somber Fan Of Us. But there isn't a song on here that I wouldn't play again, the energy of the project is evident from start to finish, and the pacing never lags when you play it front to back.

LoverBoy is intimate, frenetic, cocky, and vulnerable, it questions how we treat one another based on society's standards and demands to be attached to whoever listens to it.

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Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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