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DJ OH Goody and Big57's "Commanders Song" Shapes New Identity for Washington Fans

The MSQ Shop doesn't claim a favorite NFL team, but we root like hell for great indie-music success stories and this one might make you dance and should make you smile no matter what colors you rock on Sundays.

If you're anywhere near Commanders' Twitter, have a Washington fan in your life, or pay attention to DMV celebrities like Kevin Durant and Scott Van Pelt you have probably heard some "Left hand up" talk in the last several weeks, these independent musicians are the reason why. The WFT is on a roll and thanks to long-time DC-area selector, DJ OH Goody, and his nephew, Big57-- there's a viral hit to fuel the run. And even once the winning slows down "Commanders Song" is here to stay.

With the socially conscious branding changes the Commanders organization has made recently, many observers both faithful and on the outside of the fandom, felt concerned about the historic franchise's ability to find a new identity. Leave it to passionate fans to do the work a multi-million dollar PR team could never do.

The verses of "Commanders Song" serve as a history lesson of the franchise, linking the golden days of the 80s with today and calling for more greatness in the future under the new moniker. In the same spirit, the old-school DJ OH Goody was wise to bridge the generational gap and feature his 25-year-old nephew, Big57. They complement each other well stylistically while the melody and soundscape are both current and classic. You could see (and DO see) elementary schoolers and grandparents vibing to this track. If you listen to it once, you will recite a couple of bars the second time you listen-- guaranteed. I have nothing against the Cowboys, but when it comes time I'm screaming, "WE WANT DALLAS!"

This family duo grew their record's reach on the grassroots level in the heart of the fanbase-- the tailgate on game days! I had the fortune of stumbling into this fan-music movement on its most fateful Sunday to date. Against the Minnesota Vikings on November 9, DJ OH Goody accompanied by his countless family and friends had thousands rocking to "Commanders Song" on repeat in front of the FedEx Field entrance. Here's my first-hand documentation of the scene:

The song and the squad hyping it turned waiting in line to be security-scanned into a great time. Everybody was all smiles getting this track stuck in their heads and while the home team took an eventual close loss, OH Goody and Big57 were big winners along with their thousands of new supporters as in the third quarter the "Commanders Song" played in the stadium during a break. I got goosebumps immediately witnessing their triumph. Many musicians aspire to make "stadium anthems" and these guys turned their family project into one in a matter of hours by pounding the pavement with a tangible belief in the track. I have not been surprised at all since that day to watch this song take off garnering television news segments, an official cosign from the Commanders, and over 2 two million views/streams across platforms in the last several weeks.

I'm one that believes in the magic of music and the magic of sports and I'm not closed to the idea that "Commanders Song" and these faithful fans/artists have directly contributed to Washington's renewed winning ways. With the fanbase hoping that new ownership, possibly led by Jeff Bazos and Jay-Z, can cement their new path in 2023 -- We at the MSQ Shop are hoping the relationship between DJ OH Goody, Big57, and the Washington Commanders can be even more fruitful. DJ OH Goody and Big57 are proving that anything is possible in home-grown indie music, so who knows? Maybe Hov can hop in the owner's box in time to hop on the remix to "Commanders Song."

Written by: Zach Kirby @itskirbs804

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So, regardless of the colors you proudly sport on game days, it's hard not to be moved by the fusion of music, fandom, and community spirit that's given rise to the "Commanders Song." It's a testament to the magic that can happen when passionate individuals come together to create something truly special – a melody that resonates not only through the airwaves but also within the hearts of a united fanbase. And to get your song heard by even more users, buy spotify playlist plays:

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