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Editorial: If Corb The Don's "Blew A Zone" Isn't on Your Playlist It's You That's Blowing It.

Full disclosure-- Corb the Don is my man. Thats a fact. Its also an objective fact that Corb the Don is an incredible rap talent. His voice is money. Its raspy but crisp and he can give you melodies or he can machine gun you to death. He has cinematic coke-rap bars, and he has relatable everyman moments as well. As a rapper, he's the whole package. So why haven't you heard of him?

We're in a weird place in music that talent-wise the cream of the crop doesn't necessarily rise to the top. Even if you're unbelievable at your craft, if you're not a social media master and you're not pumping in 5 figures on promo, there's a chance your shit can get ignored. I don't have a diagnosis on why Corb the Don isn't cracking 100,000 listens and I'm also not implying that he can't catch the right ear and have that happen tomorrow. But as of right now this single, "Blew a Zone," from the forthcoming album, "Trap Zone" isn't doing numbers like that.

That needs to change.

I'm here to tell you that whether you are an old-head that rocks with Wu-Tang or if you're a Gen Z guy bumping NBA Youngboy and really anything in between... I think you will like this song. It starts with an eerie slow-down of the sample before it builds up into an ultimate crescendo of rolling bass, crazy percussion, and Corb showing a complete mastery of his flow hitting every drum until he hits a stop and go flow for the infectious hook.