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Editorial: We will miss you TatmanTez

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

A tribute to Cortez Terrell aka TatmanTez

There is no easy way to write a farewell to a friend. It is one of the most painful things to say goodbye and even though it's selfish compared to the pain his family is going through; it's difficult to say I will miss you. I don't just make this post as a friend tho, I am making it as a fan.

TatmanTez is an anomaly. He was quite literally gifted at everything he touched. He was a producer, rapper, writer, illustrator and, yes, he was a great tattoo artist. That was just what he did, not who he was. Tez was a friend and he loved his family dearly. Before he passed, Tez lived with his grandma taking care of her in Ettrick, VA.

I was lucky enough to meet her in my passings and she was full of passion, and I can say one thing for sure; she loved her some Cortez. So did his friends, we all enjoyed Tez because as cliche as this sounds, his energy was infectious. He was always smiling, always laughing and always thinking positive. He was quiet and reserved but whenever he spoke it was profound.

I was blessed enough to make so many memories with Tez. Not only did he tattoo my Harry Potter sleeve on my arm (lol); our last session he was mad at me for taking all the dope ideas for the sleeve. That was something else special we got to share; our love for Harry Potter.

We made music together, we toured across the country together, partied together (we wont go into details) and had so many heartfelt conversations that forever shaped my life. I watched him go viral time after time after time with his freestyles. I watched him put words together so effortlessly that it made me want to work 10 times harder. I got to sit and listen to music that was never released that would have made artists debate their whole career.

One of my best memories, was this one below. I was able to capture him in the mountains of Colorado throw his locs in the air and its such a good representation of him. Care free, happy and enjoying the moment.

In the words of Prop, "that (picture) brings me peace cuz I know he gets to feel free like that all the time now"

Although, we have to part ways right now. Does not mean you're gone. You will forever be a friend and a brother. You will always be an inspiration. You will always be a true creator and somebody who will live past your time. And you will always always be missed.

We love you Tez. Thank you for everything.

Help his family raise money for his memorial:

Written by OG ILLA

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