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Geronimo's Favorite 5 Richmond Albums So Far In 2022

As the sands of time slip through our fingers, we find ourselves eight months deep into 2022. In that span of time, we've seen an abundance of material spill out of Richmond, VA. What better time than the present to shine a light on our 5 favorite albums so far?

So let's get into it in no particular order.

Frank by Fly Anakin

Opening with an intro as enchanting as a vintage film, Fly Anakin's Frank is a journey inward. The rapper's rapper waxes poetic production that lights up even the most dormant parts of the brain. Whether you copped the vinyl or have it queued up on a streaming platform of your choosing, Frank is a lesson in timeless music.

Stream Fly Anakin's Frank


Stop Looking For Noise by Radio B

Radio B's Stop Looking For Noise is a motion picture in the form of sound. As personal as it is universal, Radio B reaches out and touches the listener with introspection over ageless samples.

Stream Radio B's Stop Looking For Noise.


Thank Da Plug by Big No

There are certain albums that get you charged up from the gate. Consisting of a medley of bangers, Thank da Plug is a recipe for noise ordinances and MUST be played at a high volume.

Stream Thank da Plug by Big No.


Virginia Always by OG Illa

The common thread through OG Illa's catalog is quality. With Virginia Always added to his body of work, he remains a brand that fans can trust. We can only hope that the rapper retracts his recent announcement of retirement. In any event, rest assured that it's Virginia always.

Stream OG Illa's Virginia Always.


Learn 2 Love Self by Pure Knowledge

Pure Knowledge's Learn 2 Love Self is a multiverse of emotions. Weaving through intricate schemes, playing with melodies, and delving into messages based on universal truths, the genre-bending artist fires on all cylinders throughout the project.

Pure Knowledge's Learn 2 Love Self.


Some albums are deeply lyrical and speak to the mind. Others serve as the heartbeat, bursting at the seams with certified slappers. All of them are 100% Richmond. With summer coming to a close, we're looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store.

Written by Geronimo (Instagram/Twitter)

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