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Build Your Base: How To Chart On Billboard In Two Steps

Indie artists are overlooked far too often, not due to lack of talent, lack of impressive product, or lack of motivation. The music industry unfortunately isn't a meritocracy, so oftentimes great artists have to work hard without recognition or reward for ages before they really get a platform.

We at The MSQ Shop believe there are ways to educate and ease the grinding process from unknown to household musician. Ultimately, if you are supremely confident in your art, and you believe that, if everything was set upright, you could make a hit, it is vital to know how to make sure your song or album's success can be tracked professionally, and generate even more buzz.

Step 1: Market Your Song and/or Project

Easier said than done, but there has never been a time when it was more simple to market your music to wide audiences ever. From the godfathers of hip-hop selling CDs out of trunks, to the spread of your music through word of mouth, to begging for a slot to put your song on the radio, all it really takes to elevate a song to a hit nowadays, is setting it out on social media at the right moment. So many artists have gained Billboard hits by popularizing their songs on platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter alone. See Lil Nas X, Arizona Zervas, Masked Wolf, Olivia Rodrigo, bbno$, and Richmond, VA's $ilkmoney just to name a few. Tik Tok is your best friend, if not for anything else than gaining a fanbase quickly, use your song as a "sound" on Tik Tok and try to get friends to elevate it first, so it can extend beyond your circle. Prefer YouTube as a platform? Check out our article specifically helping you gain a fanbase on YouTube in 2022.

Step 2: Register Your Song With Nielsen