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Indie Alaskan Artists To Check Out

True story. I'm waking up from a six-hour nap due to illness on a Friday night. I'm looking at our website analytics and a random thought came to me while looking at a map of the United States: "There has got to be rap in Alaska, right?" It's something I truly never thought about. As I'm diving into the history of the Alaskan rap scene, I felt like I rediscovered the fact I can see my own nose. Their scene is a gem truly hidden in plain sight.

As an outsider, I see how they can be shut out from the world compared to their counterpart in Hawaii by not being a part of the US mainland. The documentary, 907's Own, covers how inspired the artists are when coming together to put on for their music community. It's a fantastic watch if you would want to learn more about why they go as hard as they do. Artists like Josh Boots, Alaska Redd, Keezy, and producers RawBeatzz, and Alkota give raw honesty about the challenges of making it as an artist from Alaska. There was a certain stigma stated in the film on how no Alaskan rapper truly blew up, and I think that will end much sooner rather than later.

One thing I did enjoy from my research is the sonic range the 49th state brings. It was very refreshing to learn about the music history there along with the different sounds coming from that state. I see these artists as introductory points to learning more about the music from The Land of the Midnight Sun.

Tayy Tarantino

Tayy Tarantino is the first person I found out about in the Alaskan rap scene. He is a songwriter from Anchorage, Alaska. Some of his influences are the likes of Jay-Z, J. Cole, and Kanye. In prior years, he has opened for the likes of Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, 2Chainz, and Hopsin. In the video above, he stated his goal is to remain independent and keep his integrity with his music. His passion for the Alaskan rap scene is fueled by how he sees the scene being shut out from the rest of the world. His last album, Creekside Story, is a dope twelve-track album with a series of bangers from songs like Paranoia and Patience.

Stream his latest single, Living Fast featuring Derez De'Shon, and follow him on all social media @tayytarantino. Visit his website

Bishop Slice

Bishop Slice is known to have an untamable tongue in the Alaskan rap scene. Hailing from Fairbanks, Alaska, one thing that makes Bishop stand out is his multitude of flows. As an Alaska Native, Athabascan, and part Hispanic, he is very proud to represent The Last Frontier with immense pride. I describe his discography as a wild card in Uno; not two songs sound the same and you'll always hear something unique from Bishop. Some songs of his to check out are More Drugs featuring Brit and D Loc The Gill God and iPhone Pornstar with Afroman. Listen to his latest single Put It On Me and follow him on social media @bishopslice.


One thing I noticed about the Anchorage rapper is his vast ear for production. I loved the smooth horns and the timely kicks on Lonely At The Top. Duckman vividly describes his journey to the top and how he maintains his spot above the competition. They say less is more, so he had to cut off some people that were holding him back from new heights. His newest single definitely gives the sounds of a boss contemplating the journey he had to take to achieve his higher status.

He is the founder of the label Bagboy Nation Entertainment and represents the dark streets of Anchorage, Alaska. With features from the likes of Mozzy, Blac Youngsta, and Trae Tha Truth, Duckman aims to establish himself as one of the hottest talents from Anchorage. He can be followed on all social media @duckman909 and visit his website


Starbuks represents Fairbanks, Alaska with the presence of an aggressive polar bear. The heavy-hitting emcee collaborated with Bishop Slice to release the seminal Alaskan project Gold Kingz, and the single I'm From Fairbanks. The visual for I'm From Fairbanks racked up over 85,000 views on YouTube and both Bishop and Starbuks demolish the beat. Starbuks has gained notoriety in the Northwest Pacific region with his robust music and is an emcee to truly get acquainted with. He can be found on Twitter @therealStarbuks

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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