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Interview: Marques Womack of Atlanta Based Womack Productions

Marques Womack is an Atlanta born and Richmond raised man that is deeply invested into the visual arts. He is a videographer and photographer for his own company Womack Productions established during his undergrad years at Clark Atlanta University studying business and film. He has been featured on VoyageATL discussing his creative ventures.

Jay: Let’s talk about what led you to working within photography and videography. What were some of the reasons you got into it?

Marques: Ever since I was young I’ve always wanted to make movies, it wasn’t until I got into college however that I picked up an actual camera and learned the real basics. And to understand videos, one would need to understand photography, which lead to me exploring both!

Jay: What were some lessons you learned early on within networking your brand, Womack Productions?

Marques: Networking has not only shown me other influential people, but helped me gain clients, and information To use towards growing as a business and as a person.

Jay: What are some of your dream collaborations?

Marques: I would love to work with Toho Animation, Legendary Pictures, Sony, and Warner bros, for the three side of things. I would also love to air a show on BET and CBS. Any of the streaming services would be great as well!

Jay: Explain the process on how you established your LLC while being a Clark Atlanta University Student.

Marques: The decision to form the company while in college was something I decided to do because one of my professors had suggested it. I gave it some thought and studied business even as a film major. I realized that under a company I have plenty of leverage and opportunity versus just being the guy who holds the camera, then BOOM, Womack Productions was born.

Jay: Talk to me about the Tough Love Series. The first chapter that is out now details the grief and depression a young twenty-two year old goes through after a break up. What was your objectives in regards to the first chapter? Will this cover different stages of love such as a fifteen year old finding his first love or a thirty three year old married couple dealing with different issues?

Marques: Tough Love is interesting because I actually came up with the concept on the spot, when I was helping one of my colleagues get her feet wet in acting. The story is a companion of events that many of my friends have been through and I took inspiration from those times meshed it into a film series. With this, I hope to reach people who have been through a similar struggle and look to overcome these obstacles.

Jay: What’s one piece of advice that you would have for any videographer?

Marques: I would tell any videographer to form a business... it’s not easy. It’s hard as hell but it is worth it. Learning the business side of videography and photography allows each creative to position themselves where they want to be and charge the rates they desire once they tackle the formula.

You can watch part one of the Tough Love Series on his website and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @quesrhymebooks.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media

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