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Osmond "O-Z" is a 37 year old half Panamanian and half Jamaican entrepreneur From Newport News, Virginia. O-Z is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a father of three with another child on the way! He's lived all over the world, but is now currently residing in the 804.

O-Z is a true innovator and pioneer in the RVA community. On top of constantly hosting events through his business All Out of GAS, he also makes music and owns a clothing brand called Eye One Clothing Co. Learn more about the various sides of O-Z through this interview, and read until the end to learn more about O-Z's ALL OUT FEST happening this weekend!

Vy: Who is O-Z? How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

O-Z: I am a community driven father, artist, and entrepreneur with the ultimate goal of bringing people together.

Vy: Out of all of your endeavors (music, clothing line, and multiple businesses), which is your favorite and why?

O-Z: I love music and performing the most! It's therapeutic, and being able to share my story with people through music is more satisfying than anything else.

Vy: What motivates you to keep pushing for new business ideas and innovation in RVA?

O-Z: I love being community driven and hearing the voices of the community, so my ideas and aspirations are usually channeled through those close to me. Finding ways to bring people together motivates me to push through anything and everything in life.

Vy: I know you have a busy weekend ahead with All Out Fest this week. Are there any upcoming events you’d like to talk about?

O-Z: We have a lot of exciting events coming up for All Out Fest this whole weekend!

This Thursday on 4/20 we are having a private smoke session. Just laid back chill environment with live music and food!

On Friday (4/21) we are having an adult Easter egg hunt followed by an outdoor festival where we are going to have some live performances, vendors, and food trucks. But that's not all!

We are also releasing our first beer with Capsoul Brewing. We named it Pure Pressure!

On Saturday (4/22), we have two events planned in honor of Earth Day!

We are meeting at Juice Life RVA in the AM and will conduct a few panel conversations about composting and conservation. A few other environment driven conversations will take place as well.

We mentioned dropping the beer Pure Pressure right? Well, we are applying PURE PRESSURE by heading up a community clean up in Richmond! We are going to split into groups and clean 3 parks!

After the cleaning, we will have a mass smoke session! A huge smoke Cypher! It's going to be epic!

To end off the weekend, we are having a hip hop show at the RVA Boombox Saturday evening! (P.S. First 40 people will get a free pre roll!)

Vy: What is your goal for making all of these community events? What do you wish people would take away? What is your “legacy”?

O-Z: My goal is to create an environment where smoking marijuana becomes a privilege, verses it being illegal and frowned upon. I want it to be known that the cannibis plant is a healer and can bring people from different walks of life together and spark a common interest. It's not all about the plant. It's more so about the people. I want to be able to continue bringing people together. I love when everyone is able to walk away with the love they came with and more.

Vy: Lastly, name one fun fact about yourself! It can be anything!

O-Z: One fun fact about me is I'm very good a yo yo. I can do a lot of difficult tricks. Another honorable mention is that I can cook pretty well. Chef Big O-Z.

It was such an honor being able to finally secure an interview with Chef Big O-Z! In all seriousness, it is truly inspiring seeing everything that O-Z is accomplishing not only for himself but for the RVA community as a whole. If you're in the area, be sure to pop out for O-Z's All Out Fest going on this whole weekend in honor of 4/20 and Earth Day! You can refer to the fliers in the article or on our Instagram for more details!




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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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