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It's More Than A Game To MendelKels In His Visual For "Don't Leave Me"

The Northern Virginia rapper MendelKels uses his song "Don't Leave Me" to make the statement that his competition isn't anything to worry about. In the hook, he says "This shit ain't nothing but a game to me..." He would go on in his verse to call out the rappers that look the same to him, and how he'll smoke them like the same blunts that he roll-up. MendelKels has fellow NOVA artist CDcasio in the video where he raps about how he "holds his shit when there ain't shit to lean back on..." in moments of struggle. The two rappers were in their pockets as their respective flows meshed well with the old-school like rap instrumental. The video was shot by Captain Trehab & Geechi. The song is available on all streaming platforms and you can follow the artists on Instagram @mendelkels703 & @cdcasio

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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